Heller Indirect Dry Cooling Systems

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Indirect Dry Cooling Systems include a water-cooled condenser, circulating machine groups; circulating water mains and a dry cooling tower accommodating Forgó-type water-to-air heat exchangers. The water-cooled condenser can either be DC Jet or Surface Condenser type. The cooling tower can either be of natural draft or mechanical draft type.


PowerServ Ltd natural draft heller

Natural Draft Dry Cooling Towers are one of the key components of our System contributing to its low auxiliary power consumption. Natural draft dry cooling towers can either be of hyperbolic reinforced concrete structure or aluminum-clad steel structure. Owing to its inherent features, the natural draft tower equipped Heller System® is practically noiseless.

The huge thermal of the natural draft cooling tower lends itself to exhausting the clean flue gas via the concrete structure Heller dry cooling tower, thus saving investment and O&M costs and resulting in lower ground level concentration of remaining airborne pollutants. The tower either accommodates short metal stacks (stack-in-tower) for CFB boilers, or the wet scrubber of wet flue gas cleaning (FGD-in-tower).


mechanical draft heller

Mechanical draft Heller dry cooling towers are either cell-in-line or circular. The low visual profile, low noise, induced draft design enables siting of power plants in densely populated urban areas. Constrained plot areas do not restrict application of dry cooling, designs of different tower height, width and length are available. Winter-proof design makes the system applicable in harsh winter climate (even beyond the Polar Circle) and solutions are also available for extreme hot environment.


jet condenser

The Direct Contact Jet Condenser is key to our competitiveness. Lack of finite surface and lack of physical barrier of tubes of a surface condenser ensure better vacuum achieved by the same size cooling tower, or requires smaller cooling tower to achieve the same vacuum. Space under vacuum is the same as with Surface Condensers, which makes hogging of vacuum quick and holding simple. Excess pressure of the cooling water returning from the cooling tower is utilized in recovery hydro-turbines on common shaft  with the

circulating water pump and the driving motor, thus saving 30-35% of pumping power. Compared to Surface Condensers the DC Jet Condenser is inexpensive, and is practically maintenance free. DC Jet Condenser design is modular; solutions are available for every turbine output and exhaust direction.