About PowerServ

PowerServ International was formed in 2000. Founder Dr. Ali F. Imece was aiming to provide useful, tailor made services for the energy sector based on his past experience at companies like General Electric and ABB in the US.

In 2001, PowerServ directed its focus on Turkey and entered the market with a range of services, all serving the energy sector with the aim of creating an added value. For this purpose, PowerServ formed its Turkish Affiliated Company, Enerji Servis A.S., and later AFI Enerji Ltd. Sti. These three companies are now comprising the POWERSERV Group. Presently, the POWERSERV group of companies has offices in Cary, North Carolina, Miami, Florida in USA and in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.


PowerServ is committed to building long-term relationships with our Customers as well as our Partners based on integrity, performance, value, and ”no ifs, ands, or buts client satisfaction”.

With our international experience spreading on longer than a decade of history, we aim to provide best possible service to our clients and partners under today’s global, competitive market of electrical power industry.

Our goal is to increase quality standards of our services each and every day in a self-improving business environment.  In order to achieve our goal, our vision is based on a close relationship with our customers providing “Solutions with a Difference” to achieve repeat business.

Keys to Success

PowerServ has extensive experience in providing equipment and services for Natural Gas Operated Combined Cycle and Coal Power Plants in 20 countries for more than fifteen years. Its successful business traditionally focused in Turkey, Middle East and Africa through two affiliated companies. We strongly believe that followings are the keys for our success over the years.

  • A high level of quality in our product line with the partner companies – PowerServ product portfolio comprises equipment manufactured by Partner Companies who are among the top three in the world in their respective fields.
  • Successful marketing strategy emphasizing quality-conscious customers – PowerServ Customers consists of EPC companies who are in the top 100 in the world and includes Turkish conglomerates in Forbes Global 2000 list.
  • Choosing the right type of the product for the application with our extensive technical background – PowerServ engineers hold advanced degrees with strong backgrounds in practical applications.
  • Effectively communicating to engineering and management levels of electric power companies our position as a differentiated provider of Power Plant Equipment – PowerServ is well aware of the customer’s requirements and importance of serving their priorities with quick turnaround resulting in either repeat business or new customers by word of mouth.