Due to change of ownership, another new standalone company has been created out of the former Heat Exchanger segment of the GEA Group AG. The Power Cooling Solutions division will appear separately and independently under the new name ENEXIO. The other segments of the former GEA Heat Exchanger Group operate under different names and market presence, like DencoHappel (former Air Treatment) and Kelvion (former Heat Exchanger Systems).

ENEXIO is a reflection of what we do and what we have accomplished as a pioneer in the field of power cooling and water treatment over decades. It represents a promise to our customers and business partners at the same time – we as a global provider for power cooling and water treatment solutions stand for Energy. Engineering. Excellence.

With our experience and pioneering spirit in engineering, manufacturing and service we deliver state of the art solutions for power plants, water and wastewater applications – always affected by our deep sense of responsibility for the overall management of resources and a clean environment. We deliver excellence and achieve customer satisfaction everywhere in the world. Our worldwide employees work with a continual commitment to high quality, ecology and cost effective products and services.

Our commitment to Energy, Engineering and Excellence means for you that we are a reliable partner who is always there to meet your expectations with superior results.

More than 80 years in the market and a great deal of success have made us a leading provider worldwide in developing and manufacturing both, wet and dry cooling systems.

Depending on customer requirements we can provide any type of cooling solution for power generation efficiency while assuring cooling water economy. Our rich product portfolio ranges from all dry air cooled condenser (ACC) and Heller technologies to all wet cooling towers, united through dry/wet combinations with evaporative add-ons.

In addition to our core power cooling solutions we also offer cooling tower and water and wastewater components that ensure a high degree of operating safety and environmental protection. The ecological Circumix technology as a comprehensive solution to ash and waste water management in coalfired stations completes our extensive portfolio.

The diversity of our designs provides customers with extremely eco-friendly solutions and a minimum of operating and maintenance costs.  Underlining our responsibility as a reliable partner we also offer customers comprehensive maintenance and spare parts service, developing and manufacturing all of the main components at our own production sites.