Fin Fan Cooler

fin fan cooler

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, in short Air Fin or Fin Fan Coolers, are used in any application where large quantities of heat need to be transferred.
This includes chemical and petrochemical industries, power stations, geothermal plants, waste-to-energy facilitiesas well as steelworks.
Using air rather than water for cooling is a cost-efficient alternative, which also controls the thermal overload of rivers and lakes. Moreover, direct dry cooling offers substantial advantages since air is generally non-corrosive and of unlimited supply.


Energy Modular Compact Radiators (EMCR), top quality products with comeptitive price and short delivery times, offer an improved product range developed to match the technical requirements of the main players in the large diesel-engine market. With a basis of 40 years of successful application, even more-advanced technologies now ensure reliable performance in heat transfer and ventilation, with efficiency similar to that of Customized Compact Radiators.

The product range uses horizontal induced-draft design, with single- or double-bank configuration (HT/LT). EMCR are modular compact products made of pre-specified components that are assembled according to analysis by design software. They are completely assembled and tested in the factory before delivery. All components are standard items, and outsourced repetition with a long delivery time are put on stock to ensure ad-hoc availability. Only a limited range of outsourced components (fans, motors, etc.) have been selected; they ensure, however, price worthiness based on ordering large quantities of similar components. The high modularity of the product ensures sizing as close as possible to the customer’s needs. Internal manufacturing allows a maximum of flexibility. a wide veriety of dimensions is available, with two widths and over 60 different lengths. Our software allows quotes, including 3-D drawings, within two days.

Air Fin Coolers for Oil & Gas

air fin cooler oil gas

We constantly underpin our technological leadership with new product developments. This includes special high-performance finned tubes with optimized material and design, enabling clearly more efficient heat exchange. This pays off for you in two ways. The investment cost is reduced and you save in operating costs. Both benefits can be achieved while enjoying high-level product reliability even under extreme conditions.

In addition, we offer you a choice you rarely find elsewhere – the choice between aluminum fins and steel fins on the finned tube systems. Both variants have specific benefits. Finned tube bundles with aluminum fins are considerably more lighter, are insensitive to soiling and easy to clean. On the other hand, systems using galvanized steel offer a very long service life of up to 30 years, are extremely resistant to mechanical influences such as hailstorms and provide optimum corrosion protection as aluminum. Air coolers are used in fundamentally different and sometimes extremely difficult ambient conditions. This refers to both production processes and climate-related conditions. What is needed are designs that are up to these requirements at any time, while also taking the customers’ wishes into account. From the very beginning, our experts have designed and realised the most varied units for all branches of industry. Multi-faceted experience combined with an eye for everything that is feasible produce solutions which integrate perfectly into your industrial production.

Cu-Al vs Steel-Al

air fin cu-al

Cu-Al Compact Technology


  • Increased Thermal Efficiency
  • Smaller Layout Area
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Less Erection Time

Carbon Steel-Al Compact Technology


  • Compliance to Oil and Gas Standards (API 661)
  • High Pressure / Temperature Applications
  • Less Water Side Pressure Drop
  • Suitable for Cooling Specific Chemicals
  • Cu-Al is more suitable for Power while Single tube is more suitable for Oil & Gas
  • Global Agreement with General Electric for Cu-Al Applications


polual coating

Coating with a unique corrosion protective system

In partnership with Blygold, Kelvion has designed and developed a unique automated process to apply a perfectly graduated coating. It protects the compact finned coils against harsh environmental conditions such as erosion by sand or salt. It provides a barrier and avoids the risk of electrolytic reactions between the two metals involved. The coating contains aluminum to maintain the thermal performance of the compact coil, resulting in extension of the lifetime, maximum cooling capacity, and reduction of energy costs. Moreover, in the event of any incident or shock to the exchange surface, the fins and the film can be repaired on site without changing or even moving the dry cooler or radiator.